April 1, 2023

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Review of 13 new technologies and gadgets 2021

Review of 13 new technologies and gadgets 2021

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We are all interested in new gadgets and technology, devices that make life easier and more fun for us. Today at Daneshjo International, we introduce you to 13 new technologies and gadgets in the world.

1- New technology of Sony   SRS-NB10 wireless neck speaker

This is a new technology made by Sony. Sony’s new speaker relaxes your ears and sits on your shoulders, and the sound of your desired music shoots in a focused beam toward your ears. This speaker has a microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, which means that you can call it or listen to music up to 30 meters away from the device to which it is connected. You also don’t have to worry about disrupting other people’s lives, as Sony claims that the upward angle of the speakers only optimizes the sound for your ears, and that others around you become nothing. Also, the weight of this device is 113 grams, which makes it a light and comfortable gadget.

2-   FLEXOUND PULSE smart chair

The new Flexound chair brings a whole new cinematic experience. A horror movie can literally affect you and scare you, while the orchestral introduction of the next movie makes you feel the epic aspect of the movie. Instead of playing the sound of a movie from the TV speakers, Pulse uses speakers that are placed on a chair to give you a sound that you can feel. This system provides all the sounds you hear in an advanced cinema, in addition to which you can feel frequencies above 1000 Hz on your skin. Currently, this new technology is only available in cinemas, but everything is ready to be mass-produced by furniture manufacturers to be used in homes. Flexvand even mentions the possibility of cooperating with car brands.This technology allows anyone to create personal sound zones that only they can hear, or allows silent electric cars to produce the sound of a single eight-cylinder engine.

3 _ Furbo Dog Camera

If you want to be aware of your dog when you are out and about, this 1080p camera, with a 160-degree lens, quad zoom and infrared night vision mode, can help you always be there, no matter where you are. You’s going to be aware of your dog’s work ‌. The camera has several new technologies, including a barking alert that if your dog is upset and barking, sends an instant notification to your phone that you are notified, and there is a two-way conversation system that allows you to, if necessary, Talk to your pet and calm him down. You can even store more than 100 snacks in the machine and throw them remotely at your pet for both fun and nutrition.

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4- New Xiaomi MI AIR CHARGE technology

The new technology is in its infancy, but Xiaomi has unveiled a prototype of the product that is set to go on sale in the global market in 2021. This technology is known as May Air Charging and uses 144 small antennas to transmit energy to your phone via a narrow beam. According to what was shown in the initial demo, when you enter a room where this charger is located, your phone will start charging without any connection. Xiaomi says that this device can be used to charge several devices in one room at the same time. This new technology has already been introduced at various conferences, but it has never been so close to a real end product.

5 _Wicap water bottle with cleaning capability _ WAKEcup self-cleaning water bottle

 Do you know how clean your water bottle is? Usually no one knows, but cleaning the corners and sides of water bottles is always a difficult task. This 550 ml water bottle has an ultraviolet light on its cap that claims to kill 99% of the microbes in the water bottle in three minutes. During the corona virus pandemic, the manufacturer of this product gives a bottle to doctors, nurses and health care workers for every bottle sold.

6 _Tlfn clamshell smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Philip 3 _ Samsung Galaxy z flip 3

This is the first clamshell smartphone in the world that is worth buying. The first generation of these smartphones had many technical problems with high prices. But at ۹ 949, it’s close to rivals Google and Apple. The Philip 3 has an 8-core processor, plenty of RAM and a 120Hz display, and is waterproof. Folding the phone will split the screen into two parts, for example, you can place the phone on one side of the table and watch the movie with the other part of the screen. There’s also a small screen on the back where you can see notifications when your phone is off. This new technology takes several months to report possible technical problems, but to date no significant problems have been reported for this model of phone, which indicates its high quality compared to previous generations of this model of mobile phones.

7 _ New technology for small printers of Fujifilm mobile photos _ Fujifilm Instax mini Mobile Photo Printer

 You can print your photos and images directly from your smartphone with this handy instant printer from Fujifilm. With a wireless connection to your mobile phone (available on iOS and Android), each photo takes about 12 seconds to print, and a full charge of the printer allows you to print 100 photos continuously. This device has several other features such as party mode that can be connected to several devices and combine different photos and put them together. This feature has 27 different modes to choose from.

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8 _Rebookable Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

This smart notebook has 32 pages that can be wiped with a damp cloth. Of course, its writings must be written with a special pen. This election office is a good place to take notes on eco-friendly. This is the first reusable notebook, the creators claim that writing in this notebook, thanks to special papers, is just like traditional notebooks with old papers and offers the same feeling of writing. This office is available in different sizes and is also compatible with the Rocketbook app. This application allows you to check your notes to be stored in the cloud of your choice, so you will never lose your notes and you can easily save any design, note or list you have saved. Have it for a long time.

9 _ KODAK Loma Pocket Projector KODAK Loma 150

This projector is for you if you decide to give a business conference or if you want to experience a movie or video game on the big screen. And it is portable enough that you can fit it in a handbag. The Kadek Loma is a portable projector that can extend the screen up to 150 inches while providing clear, crisp images. This projector has built-in speakers and a headphone jack and can play up to 2.5 hours of video, the battery of which can be charged with a USB cable.

10 _ New Wyze Night Light technology

These night lights have motion sensors to illuminate them as you walk past them. They still have an optical sensor, so when the air is light or dark, these lights sense it and turn themselves on or off. These lights are lightweight, battery-operated, and are magnetically attached to a frame that attaches to the wall with duct tape, making it easy to install and remove. In addition, these lights can be intelligently connected, so that when you pass the first light, the rest of them will light the way for you .

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11 _ DJI FPV drone first person vision drone

The new DJA drone connects its camera view directly to a headset on the ground. So you have a complete view of this drone, in fact you have exactly the angle of view of a pilot. The new technology is a user-friendly version of the tool used by drone pilots in racing. The drone itself can travel at a maximum speed of 140 km / h (or 87 mph) and reach 60 mph in just two seconds. Its control range is a maximum of 10 km (6 miles), but you must be in a position to avoid injury if people fall when flying. This new technology consumes a lot of energy and you can fly it for a maximum of 25 minutes.

12 _Tsfyh of cold / warm formaldehyde Dyson Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

Although many of us know that air pollution harms our health, we may ignore what is happening in our homes. Cooking and cleaning fills homes with higher concentrations of formaldehyde contaminants than outside. Man has two options in this situation. You can leave the big cities and migrate to the villages with good weather, or if this is not possible for you, you may want to consider an air purifier. The latest version of Dyson air purifier is made with various filters to clean the pollutants that have invaded our home air, including formaldehyde. This new technology also has a large number of sensors to collect and announce information about what is causing the most pollution in our home. This device can also act as an air conditioner or heater and expel air in the form of hot or cold air..

13 _ New technology of Tragan Prime massage gun. Theragun Prime massage gun

You may have noticed recently that cyberspace is full of movies of people massaging their bodies with something like a gun. It is a Tragan massager. Instead of wasting your time on physiotherapy, massage guns are like hiring a private masseur and having a massage session whenever you want. In fact, Trojan Prime is an effective therapeutic device, designed to massage your muscles by rapidly applying pressure to your body up to 40 times per second. The makers claim that with the new technology, this device penetrates your muscles 60% better than other massagers on the market, increases blood flow, reduces muscle inflammation, relieves muscle tension, and any muscle problems that have arisen. Improves to a great extent.