April 1, 2023

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What are the steps to choose the right charger? – How to buy a safe charger

What are the steps to choose the right charger? - How to buy a safe charger

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Choosing the right charger is one of the issues that consumers of digital devices are always dealing with. On the other hand, choosing the wrong charger may cause irreparable damage to the device. Because of this, making the wrong choice can cost you dearly. In this article, we try to examine the standard parameters to make this choice easier for you. So if you want to buy a charger or get information about this issue, stay with us until the end.

Selection based on the type of charger

There are many types of chargers on the market. You can prepare any of them depending on your needs. The most common type of charger is the AC charger. AC chargers can be used through a wall outlet. The new series chargers of this model have a USB cable that can be detached and used separately. To buy this series of chargers, be sure to buy the original. Choosing a fake AC charger will damage your device in the long run.

Other types of chargers

Apart from the AC charger, there are other types of chargers that are not as popular as the previous model. But they have their own fans. In recent years, mobile docking station and charger pads have gained a lot of fans. Due to their design, these chargers are less prone to wire breakage problems. Choosing a charger pad or docking station generally works in fixed locations such as home or work. Other features of some of these chargers include charging several phones and speakers to play music at the same time

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Select the charger according to the direction and power of the phone

Apart from the type, capacity is also one of the issues that you should pay attention to when choosing a charger . Each device needs a certain voltage according to its energy needs. If the voltage is too low, it will prolong the charging time of the device. Also, high voltage causes pressure on the battery, damage to the device and ultimately its breakdown. The second point is the charge of the charger. Mobile chargers usually have 5 volts output. With this voltage, if the amperage is below 1, charging will be done slowly. If it is above 2, the device will charge quickly. Charges above 2 amperes are called fast charge.

Necessary standards for buying a charger

When choosing a charger, you must pay attention to the appropriate quality standards. CE / RED / FCC / IC EAC / ROHS standards are the most important charger standards. Of course, counterfeit chargers may also meet these standards. So weigh all the aspects before buying. Buy from reputable stores. When buying, pay attention to the elegance of the design, the body material, the size of the socket and the elegance of the print. By following these steps, you will no longer have to worry about the possibility of damage to your device.