April 1, 2023

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What is augmented reality and what does it do?

What is augmented reality and what does it do?

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You must have heard the name of augmented reality technology or AR by now and the question has arisen for you what it is and what its uses are. Join Daneshjo International as we explore this cutting-edge technology.


Augmented reality (AR) technology is a technology that allows people to impose digital content (images, sounds, text) in a real world environment.

Augmented reality attracted a lot of attention in 2016, when Pokemon Go made it possible to interact with Pokémon through a smartphone screen. Since then, augmented reality technology has become increasingly popular.

Apple introduced its ARkit platform in 2017, and Google launched prototypes of the Web API later that year. And there are AR (Apple) glasses that are said to be available later this year, which will allow listeners to have AR experiences without looking at the phone. In other words, AR is on the verge of becoming part of everyday life.

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What is augmented reality technology?

Augmented reality is what it seems: reality, enhanced by interactive digital components. The most popular augmented reality applications these days rely on smartphones to display the digitally augmented world: users can activate a smartphone camera, see the real world around them on screen, and on an augmented reality application Rely to change that world in any way they want through digital overlap.

Stunning images, digital information and 3D models that can be viewed by phone or monitor

Add real-time directions, insert labels, change colors

Change the appearance of the user or their environment through filters on Instagram, SnapChat, and other apps

Various devices can display augmented reality, including: screens, glasses, handheld and mobile devices, and monitors mounted on the head, lens, and so on . 

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To understand what augmented reality is, it is important to know what it is not . AR is not an all-encompassing digital experience like VR . While virtual reality requires users to have a specific headset to take them into the fully digital world, augmented reality technology allows them to continue to interact with the physical world around them .

Common uses of augmented reality technology

What is augmented reality and what does it do?

Common applications include :

Practice and training :

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Dynamic instructions based on augmented reality technology allow people to do new things more easily and quickly than traditional teaching methods. As wearable devices such as smart augmented reality glasses, AR lenses and AR headsets become widely available, the potential for augmented reality education will be enormous.

Entertainment :

AR has been influencing the entertainment industry for many years. In 2012, a hologram of Tupac Shakur appeared next to Snoop Dogg in Kochla. To conform to the pandemic realities of COVID19, the real estate team used this technology to show homes to their customers.

Game industry :

Today, dozens of games use AR elements. The popularity of AR games is not surprising, as games were one of the most prominent early uses of this technology that many people saw for AR and VR capabilities. An example of these games is Pokémon Go, which was mentioned earlier.

Sales :

These days, it is possible to try out a variety of virtual goods before you buy through augmented reality apps. The Sifora app allows you to see and test cosmetics on your face, EKia lets you see the furniture in your home. Paint winners allow you to see the colors on your wall virtually, Warby Parker allows you to try out the company’s eyeglass frames without having to visit the store or order samples.

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Prior to the Pandemic, these methods were a way to enhance the store experience or make life a little easier for the shopper, but now augmented reality technology has made it possible for many brands to shop around because of the Corona Pandemic. Their homes are stuck, offering their products.

AR applications for e-commerce are becoming the norm. Today, many of these augmented reality experiences are made possible by smartphones. However, the development of more advanced AR devices (such as Apple AR glasses or Microsoft Hololins) could open the door to even more applications. The benefits of AR are expanding to new areas such as healthcare, manufacturing, welfare services, telecommunications, education, and public safety. For example, imagine viewing IKEA furniture in your home physical augmented reality environment, ordering it online, and then viewing its assembly instructions through augmented reality glasses on a box. . The possibilities of this technology are endless and extremely exciting.

What do brands need?

The promise of more sales with AR help is compelling, but it also raises an important question: What technology does a company need to introduce augmented reality features to its existing website? Of course, the answer will vary from brand to brand, but the short version is that adding AR to a website today is much easier, faster, and more accessible than it was a few years ago, thanks to new software on the market.

If the potential of augmented reality has surprised you, you need to improve your business infrastructure and follow a few customer-oriented principles. Here are some guidelines:

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The AR function should be on your website, not in a dedicated AR application. Customers do not want to download an application just to use the AR features.

To increase the sales that AR features can provide, remove unnecessary barriers to their use.

AR Pro software can save you time, energy and money. A few years ago, any brand that wanted AR had to build it independently. Today, software such as THREEKIT makes it possible to produce AR content with a SaaS model.

This makes the path to AR smoother, faster and more accessible.

Create an AR version for smartphones. If you want the benefits of AR, you need to maximize the chances of customers using it. This means creating AR experiences that work with most of today’s technology, which means smartphones (like iPhones and Android phones).

Business opportunities for augmented reality technology are on the rise .

What is augmented reality and what is the use of AR?

Augmented reality has the potential to enhance many aspects of the customer experience, even when that experience takes place within the customer’s living space. This technology combines real and virtual world in real time with all the capabilities of personal shopping illustration so that a person can be satisfied and confident with their purchase.

In the age of increasing trust in e-commerce, this means that AR is a powerful visual tool that brands in industry can use to improve their customer relationships and ultimately improve their sales lines. But just do not believe these words. The following are some statistics that show how the impact of AR on business is only growing:

61. Consumers say they prefer retailers who provide augmented reality experience to buy.

71. Consumers say they will buy more if you can use augmented reality technology.

The use of AR technology in e-commerce can increase profit conversion rates by up to 40%