Eshghi prediction of the stock market situation

Eshghi prediction of the stock market situation

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According to Daneshjoo International, Majid Eshghi in a live TV interview, emphasizing that the organization is trying to stabilize the capital market, said: “It can not be said that people did not bring their capital.” We are trying to stabilize the market. Both sharp growth and sharp declines are toxic to markets.

“The most important issue today is the budget deficit and the issuance of bonds,” he said. The government does not finance all of its budget deficit, and most of it comes from other sources. No papers have been sold in the last 40 days.

The head of the stock exchange organization continued: “Sometimes a picture is published about the securities and it is announced that this volume has been sold by the government, while it has not been sold by the government.” Meanwhile, buyers of securities and stocks are different. The person who buys the bonds has a different plan and is different from the stock buyers.

Emphasizing that the organization seeks to stop orderly pricing and prevent rents, Eshghi said: “We can not attract people’s capital and then reach into the pockets of companies and take their profits.” In steel and petrochemicals, this situation was resolved. People can be sure that we will protect the interests of companies.

He explained that it is said that companies do not make a profit: “We had a meeting with the mining and metal industries and it turned out that they have many development plans.” The path to market stability goes through corporate development plans.

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The head of the stock exchange organization continued: “The current situation and the atmosphere of market frustration are cycles that have been experienced several times.” This was the situation in 2004 and 2013. Of course, the intensity and extent of the people who are currently involved in the capital market are definitely different. There are now about 58 million stock codes and somehow the entire population of the country is involved in the market.

Eshghi also said about the market situation: the redness of the market has not been created suddenly and it will disappear suddenly. The market situation has improved over time, and God willing, the redness of the sign will decrease from today.

 According to him, the p / e ratio of the symbols has reached four and the stock price is attractive and the market conditions are very good. Mutual funds made good purchases during this period and this trend will continue and people will not have to worry.

The head of the Exchange and Securities Organization emphasized: Due to the managerial changes, there has been a one-month interruption in informing the Exchange Organization. God willing, from now on, information will be provided regularly so that people have access to the official channel for disseminating information.