The difference between the behavior of the United star about Ronaldo and Sancho!

The difference between the behavior of the United star about Ronaldo and Sancho!

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According to “Daneshjo International”, in the last one year, a lot of news was published about the owner of number seven United, and finally this dress reached Cristiano Ronaldo. Athletic claimed that Manchester United had promised Gideon Sancho during talks with the former Dortmund star in 2020 that the player would be given the number seven shirt. However, the transfer was not finalized last year, so United increased their offer to Sancho this summer and finally reached an agreement with 73 73 million to buy the player.

Sancho wore the number seven uniform at Dortmund at the time, and the same was to happen at Old Trafford. This issue has a special importance and place in the history of Manchester United, and Gideon Sancho was also interested in playing an important role in the composition of this team from the very beginning.

But it seems that the transfer of this program to Edinson Cavani has upset the Uruguayan star and he has been arguing with the club’s managers. Finally, Cavani showed a willingness to donate his clothes to Sancho, and the transfer was finalized a year later, earlier this summer. Sancho then received shirt number 25 at Old Trafford and Cavani retained his number seven. Of course, this event lasted until the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford, and Cavani donated his seventh shirt to the Portuguese star, who, of course, was officially thanked by Ronaldo.

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