February 6, 2023

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The GTA trilogy has finally been introduced – the new GTA series

The GTA trilogy has finally been introduced - the new GTA series

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After Ubisoft and Farcry, it’s Rockstar’s turn. Rockstar unveiled the remaster trilogy GTA franchise on the third birthday of the series. This game is originally a remake of three popular GTA games, namely GTA 3, Weiss City and Sandrias. This game will be released for consoles and PCs. The full name of this collection is Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition. With the advent of this game, the old series will be removed from digital stores so that players who have not experienced those titles can play an improved version of them.

When will the new information be released?

Rockstar did not publish much information about the game, but according to what was posted on the company’s Instagram, this remaster has not made significant progress in terms of graphics. Of course, Rockstar himself confirmed this and said that their intention was to eliminate the classic gameplay and old school of these memorable games. In addition, the graphics and texture of the game are quite noticeable. We have to wait and see what scores this game will get after its release. Many believe that the release of this game is a prelude to the new GTA series, which will most likely be the latest version of this popular franchise.

Sandrias and the return of the lovely CG

In the new GTA reconstruction, we have to wait for the return to Los Santos and the surrounding cities. Big Smoke and Rider are waiting for us in the old quarter. San Andreas was recognized by many critics as one of the greatest games in history. The game became the best-selling title of 2004 and by 2011 had sold more than 27.5 million copies worldwide. The game also became the best-selling PlayStation 2 game.

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Weiss City and Tommy will meet again

This game was released from the GTA series after GTA 3. The story of the game takes place in 1986 in a city called Weiss City based in Miami, and Tommy Verste, the main character of the story, follows after his release from prison. He searches for the perpetrators after being caught unawares in a drug deal. Tommy, meanwhile, is expanding his criminal empire and taking power from other criminal organizations in the city.

GTA 3 is the most lovable and nostalgic

The story of the game in a city called Liberty City probably begins with an imitation of New York. Where the protagonist Claude Speed ​​and his fiancée Catalina are robbing a bank. While Catalina escapes, he shoots her and escapes with the rest of the money. A few years later, Claude, who is escorting to another prison, escapes from prison with his friend Itball. Then they go to Luigi Club together. Luigi sends Claude looking for one of his workers named Misty. Now Claude has to send him home from the hospital to look for Salvone Lyone’s son.